Best Neighborhoods for Creatives in New Braunfels

New Braunfels may not be Austin or San Antonio, but we're willing to wager that our city's special brand of peaceful beauty can inspire a certain type of creative professional. Boasting the simplicity and quiet nature of the town while still being less than an hour from the amenities and industry of two major Texas cities, New Braunfels is arguably an ideal spot for a creative professional seeking a peaceful environment. 

Accordingly, we've compiled a brief list of New Braunfels’ best neighborhoods for creatives!

1. City Center

Where better for a creative than in the urban heart of New Braunfels? The city center has everything a creative needs to get through the day. Boasting affordable housing and plenty of nearby perks, this neighborhood can provide everything you need to fuel your creativity during the day.  New Braunfels Coffee Crosswalk Coffee 2tarts Bakery, and more are within walking distance. Grab a quick coffee or snack and get some work done in a new environment

Additionally, many creatives strive for variety and authenticity in the places they frequent. Thankfully, New Braunfels is not short of either of those qualifications. Need some inspiration?  The Brauntex Theater is nearby and has great shows year round, while the Phoenix Saloon is open across the street for a drink and live music.  After a long day of creating, enjoy a nice drink at the  Pour Haus or the Faust Hotel!

2. Canyon Lake

Sometimes what seasoned creatives need is just a little bit of space from everything. Quite the opposite of downtown, Canyon Lake offers the peace and tranquility of the great outdoors. If you are a writer or painter, musician or artist, setting up in Canyon Lake can create the environment for you to hear your ideas and have them fully realized without the stress and noise of the city. 

Canyon Lake has several trails for hiking and biking and parks for taking the dog on walks during the downtime. It goes without mentioning that Canyon Lake itself is something of a marvel. If you manage to have a boat or a jet ski, going out on the lake for a day on the water is calming, focusing, and will probably inspire any creative professional for future projects. 

One day you might get all of your work done in the morning and want to find something to do. Take the traditional New Braunfels route and launch straight into one of Texas’ most prized bodies of water: the Guadalupe River. Canyon Lake is the ideal place in New Braunfels for those creatives who don’t need much to be happy but can still enjoy the sweet gifts of the Hill Country.

3. Gruene

Here we go! Gruene offers the best of both worlds when it comes to local flavor and peace and quiet. Being a traditional Texas town, you can expect authentic food and drinks while experiencing the beauty of the Hill Country. Gruene Coffee Haus and  Kora Kora have the coffee world locked down. Take the laptop to one of those places and get your creative juices flowing. 

Living anywhere in Gruene means you're within walking distance to pretty much anything else. The river is ready for you to jump in and cool off, and when the day turns to night, put down the paintbrush, put on the dancing shoes and head over to  Gruene Hall for some live music and good times. Gruene is a great town for the creative who is looking for culture and the greatness of the outdoors together.