Keep The Change: New Braunfels’ Most Affordable Businesses

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Over the years, the city of New Braunfels has attracted plenty of innovative entrepreneurs and businesses as unique as the Hill Country landscape itself. With incredible products and services (as well as that classic Hill Country welcoming spirit), these local establishments have earned loyal clientele and excellent reputations.

Don’t let the corporate retailers and name-brand department stores fool you! Our favorite places to find deals are those good ‘ol local businesses we know, love, and trust. These businesses provide great services and products...and keep more money in your pocket.

Guide to Dining & Sipping

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Adobe Cafe

Mexican food (particularly Tex-Mex) is a staple in any Texas town.  Adobe Cafe has been a mainstay in New Braunfels for a while, and any passerby would be foolish not to step in for a yummy plate of food! And if you are looking to host an event, have no fear: Adobe Cafe can cater events on-site and at other locations (Tex-Mex weddings, anyone?). Be on the look out for their daily specials - some favorites include Carne Guisada and the Enchiladas plates.

Where: 124 S Business I-35

Pat’s Place

There isn’t a soul in New Braunfels who hasn’t heard of  Pat’s Place! Right on the Comal River, this spot is ideal for those who want traditional American fare before or after a day spent floating the river. For 40 years, Pat’s Place has brought smiles to the faces of friends and family who walk through the doors. Try a $9 Catfish platter or a juicy hamburger, then wash it down with a sweet tea in a standard mason jar. The whole menu fits under $10, and the options are worth coming back for more!

Where: 202 S Union Ave


A soaring trend in Texas (and across the country!), the exciting world of craft beer has been taking off in New Braunfels. While the words “small batch” or “homemade” might sound pricey, the real price difference is minimal...especially when taking quality and taste into account. A 50 cent or dollar difference is worth the upgrade!  Patek’s provides the town with good local brews and even lets you fill up a growler to take home. Bring in your own food for an even cheaper time and learn more about the craft beer world before it leaves you behind!

Where: 494 N Union Ave

Pour Haus

Pour Haus has a friendly and eclectic atmosphere, providing both indoor and outdoor seating for patrons. Voted “Best Bar in New Braunfels,” it provides customers with a backyard experience that encourages strangers to become friends through the power of a good time. Pour Haus drinks are a great value, especially since they fall into the realms of Texas craft, German specialty, and national craft beers.

Where: 386 W San Antonio St

Guide to Shopping

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Celebrations is so much more than a bridal department store! This specialty boutique covers the spectrum of formal events, making it your one-stop shop for any big day. In stock are bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-the-bride dresses, tuxedos, and more. If you choose to get everything here, their Gold Bridal Plan offers discounts on all of the products! Men, your tuxedos are also able to get a discount, and women looking for a cocktail dress should find an ample selection as well. Celebrations is also a prom outfitter, so any high schooler who wants to look their best can stop in to pay less than the average chain store.

Where: 275 S Seguin Ave

Perky Peacock

It seems New Braunfels has a little bit of the Garden of Eden resting in its city limits...and we aren’t talking about our sparkling two rivers!  The Perky Peacock has been hailed as a “heavenly” undergarment specialty store. Additionally, they offer reasonably priced sleepwear, swimwear, casual clothing, jewelry, and more!

Where: 173 S Seguin Ave

Guide to Leisure & Services

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Texas Tubes

A clear front-runner in New Braunfels entertainment is a day of floating the river. If you are native to these parts, you probably have your own tube that sits in the garage (deflated and on top of the meat freezer for ten months out of the year, but that’s beside the point). However, if you’re new to town or just want to try it out, you can rent your own from Texas Tubes! They offer rental tubes at an affordable rate ($18 per day). Be sure to get one with a bottom if you plan on bringing your own drinks and snacks for a day of fun in the sun. You will also save on the amount of time you would spend at other places waiting in line to get everything you need for the river.

Where: 250 Meusebach St

Chain Link Bike Shop

Every town needs a local friendly mechanic shop, and New Braunfels offers just that in the form of  Chain Link Bike Shop. In fact, this local favorite doesn’t have to do any marketing! Their friendly and helpful service speaks for itself. You won’t be oversold here, but you will be coming back as a loyal member after your first visit. Basic tune-ups run $45, and they will give you a rundown of everything that needs maintenance on your bike. They also hold bike rides on Saturday mornings for those looking to get into the world of cycling.

Where: 139 N Castell Ave Ste 400


Oxysmiles is a new treatment center using one of our universe’s oldest resources: oxygen. Did you know air pollution, food intake, and even stress can make prevent our bodies from absorbing all the nutrients found within oxygen? Oxysmiles’ 30-minute treatment can provide your body with 95% oxygen to get those nutrients back into your body. (For reference: we usually only take in about 21%, so you’re getting a lot of that O2!) This treatment has been known to alleviate even the worst of hangovers. Included are certain aromas to further the experience, as well as a zero-gravity massage. Oxysmiles is providing a 10% discount to anyone trying the service for the first time. Time to get those nutrients!

Where: 264 W Mill St