Earnest Money

A fee or something else of value provided at the purchase of the property in order to establish


A right, privilege, or advantage in real property that does not constitute full ownership. The right of the public or another person to use the lands of others in a certain manner.


The right to leave or enter a tract of land.

Eminent Domain

The legal right of a local or federal municipality to take possession of private property for public use.


Trespassing onto another


To place a lien or another charge on a property.


The difference between the value of a property and the amount still owed on the property.

Escrow Agent

A third party entity that handles all of the legal documents during a buying or selling transaction.

Escrow Fee

The charges required by a title company to service a transaction


The extant of a person

Estimated closing costs

In addition to the sale price, these costs estimate the remaining fees such as the loan, title, and appraisal fees.

Examination of title

An investigation launched by a title company that looks to outline the entire ownership of a property over time, including the transfers of titles between parties.

Exclusive Agency

An agreement to use a particular broker for a transaction.

Exclusive Listing

An agreement that gives an agent the exclusive right to market a property for a specific period of time.

Executed contract

An agreement whose terms of obligation have been satisfied by the participating parties. In real estate, an executed contract occurs at the time of closing, after payment and title transfer has occurred.


A person appointed by the courts to carry out the terms of a will.

Extended Mortgage

A mortgage in which the due date is extended, often at the price of a higher interest rate than the original mortgage.