Market Insight

Move Up Buying and You

As our lives change over time, so can our housing needs. You may find that you have outgrown your current home, or maybe you are in a better place financially and you want a newer, more luxurious one. Whatever your reason may be, we have the resources to help you decide if move up buying is right for you.

Move Up Buying and You

The Housing Market and Your Home

The prices of homes can widely vary within different parts of a city, and depending on the recent home sales around you, the housing market may cause the potential sales price of your home to increase or decrease.

The Costs of Selling a Home

There are many different variables that contribute to how much it may cost a seller to sell a home. While it is well known that buying a home can be a large expense, sellers need to be aware of the costs of selling their home as well.

Six NB Neighborhoods Everyone Is Obsessed With

Several neighborhoods in town have proven to be alluring to anyone seeking a beautiful home in a tranquil environment. Below is a list of the current neighborhoods that are proving to be the most sought-after across New Braunfels!