Vacation Homes

Choosing the Right Vacation Home for You

Buying a vacation home in New Braunfels rather than renting or staying in a hotel gives you more space, more privacy, and often times, more amenities. But how do you know which one is right for you? Consider these key points when taking the journey to buy your New Braunfels vacation home.

Buying a Vacation Home in New Braunfels

Buying a vacation home is something many people dream of. It is a place to get away from it all, kick back, and enjoy “the good life”. These dreams can often overshadow financial considerations, but when you consider buying your vacation home, make sure that you have explored not only how you will pay for it, but how much money you will have to put into it to maintain it as well.

Choosing Your New Braunfels Waterfront Property

New Braunfels abounds with natural amenities, including many bodies of water that provide a superb location for waterfront and vacation properties. With a variety of lakes and rivers in and around New Braunfels, water enthusiasts are sure to find the perfect fit for their lifestyle.?

5 Stunning New Braunfels Neighborhoods Near The Water

Moving to New Braunfels and want to be close to the two rivers in town? These 5 neighborhoods need to be on your radar.

5 Texas-Sized Homes in New Braunfels

Let your dreams (and your square footage) be as big as the Hill Country sky in the summer! Here are a few homes in New Braunfels that fit that Texas-sized bill...