Choosing the Right Vacation Home for You

New Braunfels is gorgeous. Rolling rivers, expansive lakes, Hill Country Views. There are many reasons buyers would want to buy a New Braunfels vacation home. Aside from the natural aspects New Braunfels offers, buying a vacation home in New Braunfels rather than renting or staying in a hotel gives you more space, more privacy, and often times, more amenities. But how do you know which one is right for you? Consider the following when taking the journey to buy your New Braunfels vacation home.


More the any other factor, the first thing you need to look at when choosing your New Braunfels vacation home is location. The ideal property will offer something special. A waterfront view of the Comal, a dock on canyon lake, or a breathtaking panoramic of the Hill Country. If your goal is to have a vacation property for your enjoyment, look in New Braunfels areas that offer the amenities you want. If you’re planning to rent out your property, think of what potential renters might want.

Explore and set goals

Now that you have thought about the ideal location, think about the home itself. What are you looking for in a vacation home? Is it going to be used only for your personal enjoyment, or are you planning on using it as an investment property? Making sure you have a clear idea of what you will want will help you narrow down your search and really concentrate on what is important to you. It will also help your REALTOR® define clear search criteria when you begin the process of selecting homes to view.

Check the property features

It’s important to make sure the property has features that are important to you. Additionally, you might want to make sure it has what future guests or renters might want. It might not matter to you that a 4-bedroom property only has one bathroom, but your guests might not be comfortable with a crowded bathroom situation! Of course, the option to renovate is there, but just make sure that you are financially ready to take on the costs of remodeling your new vacation home.

Consider proximity to amenities

What attractions or amenities are close to the property? You may be set on having a dock on your property, but if you own a boat, how will you get the boat in the water? In that case, you will want to make sure there is a boat ramp nearby. If you are an avid fisherman, you will want to make sure you have close access to a spot where you are allowed to fish. Whatever it is you are looking for, make sure it is within a comfortable distance to your New Braunfels vacation home.

Shopping for your New Braunfels vacation home is an exciting process. With defined goals and a clear idea of what you are looking for, finding the right home for you will be more rewarding and less stressful for all involved.