6 Reasons New Braunfels Real Estate is Perfect for Your Business

From its beginnings, the town of New Braunfels has always boasted prosperity and resilience. In 1845, a group of German immigrants came across an extraordinary piece of mid-Texas land near the Guadalupe River. Drawn to its strategic location and captivating natural beauty, these settlers soon became the first New Braunfels residents.

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Over the course of New Braunfels history, the town has served as a central point of business, growth, and culture in the San Antonio area. As the settlers were good stewards of the land and friendly to the local tribe of Indians, the city soon became a hub of business and growth, soon becoming one of the largest cities in Texas. New Braunfels became an active manufacturing center, supplying wagons, farm implements, leather goods, furniture, and craft shops.

Though hit hard by the Great Depression in the 1930's, New Braunfels didn’t take long flourish again after World War II and the completion of I-35. Through its beautiful location, water features, an excellent school system, and a thriving tourism industry, this city proves itself a timeless location. From its charming historical neighborhoods to its modern luxury communities, New Braunfels offers a piece of Texas unlike any other.

1. Strategic Location

The real estate adage, “Location! Location! Location!” certainly applies to New Braunfels, TX. This town has proven to be an incredibly strategic place to purchase commercial real estate, both on the I-35 corridor and in the Hill Country. Located 40 miles south of Austin and 25 miles north of San Antonio, New Braunfels is an easy drive from these two very distinct and vibrant Texas cities. Besides favorable access to these cities, New Braunfels’ location on I-35 gives all area businesses a huge boost of exposure and traffic. New Braunfels’ location also offers easy travel to many surrounding Hill Country towns like Seguin, Luling, Wimberley, and Gruene (which is located within New Braunfels city limits). Besides unique personality and beautiful scenery, these towns offer the potential for an extended network of customers and clients for your business. Overall, New Braunfels’ location provides it with a very distinct real estate “edge.”

2. A Thriving Tourism Industry

New Braunfels boasts a very active tourism industry, offering an abundant supply of both natural and modern activities, from Schlitterbahn to Gruene Hall. Given its location at the intersection of the Comal and Guadalupe Rivers, the influx of tourists for water activities (such as tubing, swimming, and floating) is very high, especially in the warmer months. Besides all the leisure activities offered by the waterfronts, tourists are attracted to New Braunfels for its old-world German charm, unique shopping culture, and historic atmosphere. Restaurants, wineries, breweries, and shops thrive in this tourist-friendly environment. Whether your business is tourism-related or not, the heavy increase in population will bring more customers and provide a great deal of exposure! Whether wandering through the historic downtown, enjoying fine dining at an acclaimed local eatery, sipping wine from one of several local vineyards, or attending a cultural arts event, you’ll soon see that this Hill Country town is anything but small.

3. Variety of Property

New Braunfels has always been known as a city that holds diversity. From the Hispanic-German cultural fusion to the wide variety of occupations, this area appeals to a number of demographics. The real estate scene is no different. Though the area is growing, there is still plenty of space to won’t have to fight to the death for a piece of commercial real estate. Whether your business needs a high-acreage property, an urban strip, a waterfront view, or a more downtown audience, you’re in luck. Many different types of properties are for sale in the New Braunfels area! With the help of a REALTOR®, you can find the right property for your business.

4. Low Tax Rates

We can’t talk about commercial real estate in New Braunfels without mentioning the financial perks of such a decision! Compared to Austin and San Antonio, New Braunfels offers very low property tax rates. If you’re considering owning commercial real estate of any significant value, this lower tax rate will save you a great deal of money in the long run.

5. Small-Business Friendly

If you currently run a small business in New Braunfels or are considering moving your business to the area, you’re in luck! The New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce and UTSA Small Business Development Center are just two of the major resources in the area for local businesses. Besides extensive networking opportunities, entrepreneurs and business professionals are offered business advising, training programs, workshops, and more. Buying or leasing commercial real estate space in New Braunfels comes with a number of perks for small businesses.

6. A Growing Population

We aren’t the only ones who have noticed the perks of living and doing business in New Braunfels! As it stands, New Braunfels is currently experiencing an unprecedented growth rate!. The population has increased 58% in the past 10 years, and still continues to grow at an annual 4-6% increase. As a whole, the New Braunfels area has shown a 30% population increase since 2000. This rapid growth has caused the local economy and job market to thrive! This growth is only positive for business owners, whose numbers of customers and clientele increases daily.

Given these reasons (and many more), we really believe that moving or growing your business in New Braunfels is an excellent decision. Your business is sure to thrive for a number of reasons... from the extremely favorable location to the increasingly rich and diverse community of residents. New Braunfels is an incredibly strategic location for any business.

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