From Starter to Luxury: A Roundup of New Braunfels Real Estate Options

Curious about the range of New Braunfels real estate? Here’s an in-depth look at the diversity of NB’s local market!

In case you were tempted to put New Braunfels real estate in a box...think again. Hitting just about every price point, floor plan, and community style, everyone’s favorite “river city” offers everything from starter homes to waterfront bungalows to sprawling luxury estates.

To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of a few New Braunfels neighborhoods that span the gamut in terms of price, design, and square footage.

Check out these 9 local homes and let us know which one is your favorite!

1066 Stone Hollow ($210,000) is located in the Stone Gate neighborhood.

1. Stone Gate

Looking for a starter home in New Braunfels? Despite this city’s growing popularity (and slowly swelling real estate prices), first-time buyers can still find plenty of cute little neighborhoods with great homes at modest price points. Homes in the Stone Gate community (located in southeast New Braunfels near Lake Dunlap) enjoy quarter-acre lots, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. These homes typically sell somewhere between $153,000 and $200,000 with a median sale price of around $182,000. Pictured above, 1066 Stone Hollow is a prime example, boasting 2,235 square feet, three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, granite countertops, and a covered patio.

411 Chapel Bend ($237,800) is located in Castle Ridge.

2. Castle Ridge

Also located in the southern section of New Braunfels, Castle Ridge is the next step up in terms of budget and size. In general, homes in this neighborhood offer four bedroom, two bathroom builds that sell for anywhere between $165,000 and $426,027 (with a median sale price of $274,500). One of our favorite perks of this neighborhood? Castle Ridge is nestled right up against Fischer Park, a local green space that showcases the Hill Country’s natural beauty. A perfect example of this neighborhood’s charm, 411 Chapel Bend is a four-bedroom beauty on an oversized corner lot.

852 San Ignacio ($343,000) is located in the Mission Hills Ranch neighborhood.

3. Mission Hills Ranch

Perched just off Highway 46 on the northeastern cusp of New Braunfels, Mission Hills Ranch lives up to its charming name in every way. Partially gated, this community is made up of nearly 400 homes, a historic chapel, and plenty of green space. Due to its variety, prices can vary anywhere from $226,000 to $465,000 (with a median sale price of just under $300,000). Residents love this neighborhood for its Hill Country vibes and peaceful atmosphere. Pictured above, 852 San Ignacio is one such Mission Hills Ranch home located in the prestigious “Enclave” subdivision: hardwood floors, oversized garage, and a large covered patio (right next to the pool and spa).

2448 Crikey Ct ($464,000) is located in the John Newcombe Estate neighborhood.

4. John Newcombe Estate

An iconoclast in the world of luxury real estate, John Newcombe Estate is the perfect neighborhood to display the diversity of New Braunfels real estate. With prices varying anywhere between $372,900 and $1,007,000 (with a median sale price of $587,300), this community is both playful and elegant. Boasting some of the best amenities in the city, a world-class tennis facility, and beautifully designed homes, it’s easy to see why we came up with 10 Reasons to Live in John Newcombe Estate. Pictured above, 2448 Crikey Ct is the perfect example: a low-maintenance home with luxury details.

921 Rosemary Dr ($525,000) is located in the Oak Ridge neighborhood.

5. Oak Ridge

Perched above Landa Park, a collection of neighborhoods in the heart of New Braunfels are affectionately referred to as the area “On the Hill.” Due to its higher elevation, homes in this neighborhood enjoy panoramic views, and homes for sale typically range in price from the high $200s and up to $1 Million.) Oak Ridge is one of these neighborhoods, boasting beautiful traditional homes in an established community. Pictured above, 921 Rosemary Dr is an Oak Ridge colonial-style estate that perfectly displays this neighborhood’s charm.

10810 Meadow Link ($729,000) is located in the Rockwall Ranch neighborhood.

6. Rockwall Ranch

Situated on a historic, centuries-old ranch, Rockwall Ranch is a luxurious New Braunfels community that truly epitomizes the Hill Country’s charming rustic elegance! 10810 Meadow Link (pictured above) is the perfect example: located on an oversized lot, this grand home was designed with an eye for detail, from the common spaces to the beautiful backyard. With prices ranging between $425,000 and $702,000 (and a median sale price of $550,000), Rockwall Ranch is the quintessential New Braunfels luxury neighborhood. (Bonus: Rockwall Ranch also offers plenty of amenities, including a clubhouse, biking trails, river access, and more.)

1779 Kuehler Ave ($799,900)

7. Waterfront

Curious about waterfront living in New Braunfels? You aren’t the only one. Our town’s abundance of natural aquatic beauty draws in homeowners from far and wide looking for their own piece of waterfront paradise. Click here to learn more about waterfront property in New Braunfels, and in the meantime swoon over 1779 Kuehler Ave’s perfect perch on Lake Dunlap!

6110 Keller Ridge ($949,000) is located in the Copper Ridge neighborhood.

8. Copper Ridge

Located 10 meandering miles north of downtown New Braunfels, Copper Ridge is a luxury New Braunfels neighborhood with a countryside feel. Due to its high elevation, Copper Ridge is perhaps best known as a “hilltop community” rife with sweeping views. The beautiful homes in this neighborhood usually sell between $440,840 and $688,000 (with a median sale price of $522,500). Add in resort-style amenities, and homes like 6110 Keller Ridge feel like a full-out resort property.

1208 Chablis ($1,075,000)

9. Vintage Oaks

How could we mention New Braunfels real estate without mentioning Vintage Oaks? Answer: we couldn’t possibly. Perhaps the area’s most unique luxury community, Vintage Oaks is the perfect example of a New Braunfels neighborhood that has something for everyone. Homes are divided into nearly a dozen smaller subdivisions with price points stretching between $347,500 and $990,000 (the median sale price is $504,900). Amenities include a resort-style community center, private parks, walking trails, a native flower garden, private vineyard, and more. For more information on Vintage Oaks, check out this list of our Top 10 Reasons to Live in Vintage Oaks!

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