Watch Out, Man Cave: The She-Shed is Here to Stay (& She’s Fabulous)

In honor of Mother's Day, we thought we'd shine a well-deserved spotlight on a set of inventive women who have taken the whole “man cave” thing in a more...feminine direction. These fierce ladies have innovated absolutely adorable backyard hideaways they aptly named “she-sheds.” 

Move over, man caves. The ladies just moved into town, and they are doing it right.

The idea is to take “that old shed in the backyard” and transform it into a personalized space for reading, entertaining, painting, writing, lounging, gardening...whatever tickles your fancy.

And so, in an effort to inspire your she-shed aspirations, we put together a list of helpful tips for anyone interested in making their own hideaway. 

(We also found a few New Braunfels spots that have some future-she-shed potential. We know it's a stretch, but dream with us here...she-sheds are all about seeing the potential in a plain 'ol garden shed!)

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1. See the potential.

Simply put: a she-shed requires vision. If you peer really closely at a plain ‘ol shed or run-down greenhouse, you may see the potential for something extraordinary. Don’t discount a space just because it doesn’t look like your dreamy reading nook right away...dare to dream a little.

2. Give it a fresh coat of paint.

The first step towards realizing your she-shed dream is a fresh coat of paint. We suggest giving your space a colorful facelift from the inside out: whether you choose light, airy neutrals or pops of color, this touch will perk up your space immediately.

Image Courtesy of Modern Shed

3. Give it a purpose.

To put it simply: an extra space will go to waste if it isn’t useful. Consider your she-shed's primary use...whether it be painting, reading, entertaining, or even napping. Design your space around whatever activity you’d like to devote your space to, and you’ll be more likely to use it!

Image Courtesy of Lowe’s

4. Invite the greenery inside.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the fact that your she-shed is technically an “outdoor” space. Add a floral print or a few potted plants, and a simple garden shed becomes your personal greenhouse hideaway.

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5. Give it some curb appeal (sans “the curb”).

We know, we know: the she-shed is a backyard thing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love how it looks! Above all, the she-shed is mean to be an aesthetic breath-of-fresh-air. Add cafe lights, murals, overhangs, and porch furniture!

Image Courtesy of Alison Kynaston Jones

6. Keep it cozy.

While the temptation towards trendy minimalism is strong, remember to add some cozy vibes. You want to feel at home in your you can spread out, relax, and dream. Add a couch, a few rugs, an ample supply of blankets, and a fully stocked snack bar.

Image Courtesy of Tia Borg Smidt

7. Make it personal.

It may be tempting to copy a gorgeous setup you saw online (or at a friend’s house), but remember: your she-shed has to reflect YOU and no one else. Let this space be a representation of your tastes, your preferences, your unique style. Add photos you love and antique finds you’re obsessed with. We promise you’ll be happier if you keep it real.

Looking to create your own she-shed setup? We found a few local setups just waiting to be transformed!

1. 3463 FM 1303 (located in Floresville, TX) is a poolside she-shed-waiting-to-happen. Can you imagine a better summertime setup in Texas?

2. 276 Deerslayer Dr (located in Seguin, TX) boasts a twin shed setup. With a few tweaks, we bet this could be one gorgeous ensuite she-shed.

3. 32 Laurel Trail (located in New Braunfels, TX) is a total gardener’s dream. This outdoor gazebo is the perfect spot for a greenery-filled she-shed.

4. 2201 FM 1339 (located in Kingsbury, TX) is primed and ready for a luxury-style she-shed in this tiny hangar. Think of the possible loft buildouts!

5. 123 Park Ridge (located in Boerne, TX) is waiting for someone to dream big. This equestrian facility could easily transform into a luxury she-shed that rivals any man cave.

If you’re looking to discover a home where you can create your own she-shed setup, we would love to help you along the way! From connecting with a lender to signing the closing papers, one of our agents will make your search for the right home as seamless as possible. You can even download our FREE Buyer’s Guide for the New Braunfels buyer!