Farmhouse Chic in the Hill Country: How This NB Home Got The Fixer-Upper Look

Chip and Joanna Gaines (of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”) may be responsible for the recent national obsession with “Modern Farmhouse” design, but Hill Country locals know that this style is far more than just a fad.

A combination of modern convenience and cozy nostalgia, this aesthetic style truly captures the Texas Hill Country’s one-of-a-kind personality: modern and antique, welcoming and elegant, rustic, yet refined.

Pictured below, 1225 Stonewall St is a picture-perfect example of Farmhouse style making itself right at home in New Braunfels! (In fact, this home had a pending contract within the day...way to go, listing agent Mark Hampton!) Take a tour of this adorable cottage below, and find out how to infuse a little Fixer Upper charm into your own Hill Country home.

1. Go for cozy, not cluttered.

The intersection of past and present, Modern Farmhouse design is all about complementing contemporary silhouettes with warm, nostalgic details (without going overboard). Try a more minimalist approach when it comes to decor, avoiding excess knick-knacks just for the sake of filling in empty space. Remember: the original farmhouse ethos was all about functionality and simplicity. Who needs the extra fluff?

2. Natural materials are queen.

At the heart of the Farmhouse ethos is a loyalty to natural materials. From raw wood to stone, wicker, and rattan, this design style prefers finishes reminiscent of actual farmhouse materials. The goal? Bring the outdoors in, creating a sort of “flow” from outdoors to indoors and back again.

3. It’s all about reclaimed.

Rather than trying to achieve a “brand new” sheen, Farmhouse details ebb towards a more rugged, making it a much more accessible style for families. Materials like reclaimed wood and galvanized metal are common design elements, giving the space a sturdier feel...meaning kids are welcome to run through the house without fear of ruining a spotless aesthetic.

4. Mix up the textures.

Farmhouse style is obsessed with a whimsy mix of textures. Mostly composed of organic-looking materials (with a few industrial classic farmhouse elements thrown in), this style is all about finding the balance. Offset a predominantly hardwood-and-metal room with a plush couch or cowhide area rug.

5. Stick to a natural color palette.

Think simple! Farmhouse colors tend to be natural and neutral, favoring cool white palettes and soft accent colors. The more light-and-airy, the better! A prime example:  1225 Stonewall St’s white-painted cabinets are a classic Farmhouse look.

6. Place emphasis on common space.

The Farmhouse design style harkens back to a farmhouse ethos: family matters, and gathering is where real life happens. In accordance with these lifestyle priorities, homes designed with this aesthetic tend to place true emphasis on gathering spaces: namely, the dining room. Farmhouse tables are a common (and crucial) element to this style, as are backyard spaces that can be used for relaxing or entertaining.

7. Add some vintage flair!

Farmhouse design may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s void of glamour! A few touches of classic antique charm stand out beautifully in this type of setting. From vintage signs to wrought-iron clocks, these details truly pop amidst their simple surroundings. For example, we love the gorgeous crystal lighting in  1225 Stonewall St’s dining room space!

8. Keep it rustic, but stay refined.

Authenticity is the name of the game, but that doesn’t mean farmhouse is an excuse to use old, outdated furniture or decor. The key to keeping it classy is a placing an emphasis on excellence. Remember...your home should retain an air of taste and sophistication.

A style that harkens back to its name, Farmhouse design includes only trusty and true elements that have stood the test of time. Our main advice? Remember that this style is all about functionality, simplicity, and hospitality. Click here to find more old-school New Braunfels homes just waiting for that Farmhouse touch

Looking for a modern Hill Country farmhouse of your own? We’d be honored to be the ones to help guide you through the whole process, from connecting with a lender to signing the closing papers. Plus, we’ve created an exclusive guide just for the New Braunfels buyer! Let us know how we can help your search for the right home as seamless as possible.