Moving to New Braunfels? Top 12 Restaurants For Your First Night In

After a long day of moving, unpacking boxes, and physically exerting yourself, do you really want to take the time to make a home-cooked meal?

Probably not.

Instead of digging out your pots and pans and hitting the grocery store, just hop in the car and head down the street for some professionally prepared grub instead! It’s easy, fast and it’s a huge convenience.

If you're making the move to New Braunfels and want to be prepared with some local dining options for move-in weekend, here are the top 12 dining spots in the area!

1. Underground PizzaHankering for a delicious piece of pizza? Unground Pizza is the place to try! With all sorts of unique toppings (like mac n’ cheese, green chiles, pesto, buffalo chicken, pasta, meatballs, and more), this isn’t your average pizza joint. You can even build your own, grab a calzone, or try one of Underground’s famous subs. There’s something for everyone here – even gluten-free eaters! Plus, the locals love it. Yelp reviews have the place at a whopping 5 out of 5 stars – a perfect score!

2. Naturally Cafe – On a healthy kick? Then stop on by Naturally, a place that specializes in healthy, fresh-squeezed juices, smoothies, salads and sandwiches. Some of the local favorites include the Xochitl Salad, which comes topped with goat cheese, apple, chicken and avocado, and the BLT, complete with chipotle mayo and cream cheese. Naturally focuses on wholesome, natural foods, grows many of its own herbs on site and even boasts a patio.

3. Bonjour Texas!Craving a little international fare? Hop on over to Bonjour Texas, a European-inspired café with the best lunch in the area. Try the Le Poulet, a sandwich complete with chicken, goat cheese and cornichons, or opt for the always favorite Le Provencal, which boasts Gouda, bacon and delicious sourdough bread. The salads at Bonjour are top-notch, too. Try the Tuscan panzanella salad, the Spanish bean salad or the power salad, which boasts beans, peppers and crispy fried onions. For dessert, try Bonjour’s Italian gelato. It has 50 percent less fat than ice cream, and it’s the perfect way to cool down on those warm Texas days.

4. Spud RanchWho doesn’t love a good baked potato? Well, Spud Ranch has taken that to the extreme, offering a huge menu full of loaded potatoes in every style, flavor, and cuisine. Grab the brisket spud for a barbecue-inspired meal, or try the cheeseburger spud for a more all-American fare. There’s even a hot wing spud, a chicken enchilada spud, and a chicken fried steak spud. Whatever type of potato you desire, you bet you can find it here at Spud Ranch.

5Alpine Haus Restaurant – Established in a historically German town, it’s no wonder why Alpine Haus Restaurant is so good! This German food joint and wine garden offers a full menu of unique food options, like wiener schnitzel, fried brie, rinder roulade, and schweinebraten. They even offer Germany’s most well-known dessert – black forest cake! If you’re ever craving an outside-the-box meal, Alpine Haus is your place.

6.  Red Oak Bakery – Craving something sweet? The Red Oak Bakery is the place to be. With cakes, cookies, pies, brownies, scones and more, you’ll find everything you need to satisfy that sweet tooth here. The bakery even offers breakfast foods, and the entire place is gluten-free and locally sourced. What more could you ask for?

7. The Buttermilk Café For down-home cooking, head to The Buttermilk Café, which offers comfort foods "just like your mama used to make!" For breakfast, try the buttermilk waffle, grilled banana bread, or steak and eggs. For lunch or dinner, local favorites are the meatloaf, the country fried steak, the pot roast, and the fried catfish. If you’re ever feeling a little homesick and want a taste of the good old days, The Buttermilk Café is the spot to be.

8. The Gruene Door For Cajun-inspired fare, seafood, or just a great piece of steak, head to The Gruene Door. From start to finish, you’ll enjoy a top-notch, mouthwatering meal. Kick off your dining experience with a shrimp gratin app, tuna nachos, or a chorizo and jack melt. For your entree, opt for the always-adored shrimp and grits, stuffed poblano pepper, or Cajun chicken and sausage, and finish the meal up with a delicious slice of Texas fudge cake. The Gruene Door isn’t just for dinner though! You can also stop by for great brunch, lunch and happy hour specials, too. It’s perfect for any occasion.

9. Taqueria El Sazon Tapatio – For grade-A Mexican food, Taqueria El Sazon Tapatio is the best choice! With killer tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and more, you won’t find a better (or more affordable) spot than this. Taqueria is even open for breakfast, when you can grab a bacon and egg taco, huevos rancheros and more. Be sure to give the queso a whirl. It’s a must-have!

10. Gourmage – Want something on the fancier end? Try Gourmage, a gourmet chocolatier, cheese, and sandwich shop. The manchego, prosciutto and fig sandwich is a great choice for lunch; or if you’re wanting something on the sweeter end, you can’t go wrong with the hibiscus flowers stuffed with candied, ginger goat cheese. No matter what you’re craving, this spot stands out from the pack. Be sure to stop by and have a look!