Lake Seguin’s Hidden Gem? Why This Unique Home Has Us Swooning

Built to resemble the wealthy Adirondack cabins of upstate New York, 214 Guadalupe River Dr’s views and design convey every standard of New England lake house luxury.

The kicker? This stunning property is located smack-dab in the middle of the Texas Hill Country...separated from the East Coast by over 6,000 miles.

A “getaway” in every sense of the word, 214 Guadalupe River Dr’s nostalgic architecture and waterfront location lend it an air of sophisticated charm: a one-of-a-kind gem in a market saturated with cookie-cutter homes.

For a peek inside this standout property, we flipped through a stunning visual tour and spoke to listing agent Margie Trager to find out just what makes this home so worth swooning over!

Waterfront Location

Just a single glance at 214 Guadalupe River Dr’s layout and details, and it becomes abundantly clear that this home was created with a single focal point: that sparkling waterfront. With an obvious exterior emphasis on porch space (and interior obsession with windows), the property was designed to bring the outside in. Grand, rustic porches are stacked atop generous ground-floor deck space, inviting every resident and guest to enjoy Lake Seguin in both theory and practice.

Stunning Design

Perhaps the most eye-catching feature of 214 Guadalupe River Dr is its Adirondack-reminiscent design. A style popularized by wealthy East Coast vacationers in the late 1800’s, Adirondack Lodge homes combine rustic, native materials with highly executed craftsmanship to create a romantic, chalet-style European vibe. With Eastern Red Cedar exterior, reclaimed long leaf pine floors, a copper front door, ten-foot ceilings, rock fireplaces, gazebos, and stunning window placement, this home conveys thoughtfulness and detail in each and every room.

Spacious Lot

Set on nearly two acres of Hill Country land, this home is spread over not just one, but three lots on Lake Seguin and the Guadalupe River. Listing agent Margie Trager described the setup as “the perfect retreat” for residents and guests, as its peaceful location and generous acreage create that wide-open-space feel (while still remaining mere miles from downtown Seguin).

Serious Airbnb Potential

It may seem too good to be true, but the math doesn’t lie: owning a vacation home can be a lucrative venture. Via popular vacation rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO, your second home can serve as a luxury weekend retreat, whether it be for vacationing couples or corporate events. 214 Guadalupe River Dr’s secluded peace-and-quiet, spacious square footage, and detached bedrooms make it the perfect Airbnb or VRBO property.

Upscale at an Affordable Price

We probably can’t say this more simply: 214 Guadalupe River Dr is probably the best deal we’ve seen for luxury waterfront living. Priced at approximately $125 per square foot (as opposed to the $200+ usually seen in this market), this home’s price tag is a fairly staggering point in its favor.

A Peaceful Setting

While New Braunfels may receive the bulk of celebrated waterfront property attention, Lake Seguin quietly and unpretentiously offers an equally beautiful (but far less popular) alternative just 20 miles southeast. Considered a “hidden gem” compared to the rowdy river scene, Lake Seguin offers a peaceful residential getaway. Additionally, 214 Guadalupe River Dr is located across the river from Starcke Park, a celebrated golf course with acres of quiet, landscaped greens.

Though the home’s design origin is far from the Texas Hill Country, the emphases on natural building materials and aesthetics make it stand out without feeling out of place.

If you’re interested in purchasing this house, you can get in touch with listing agent Margie Trager here! Or, if this doesn’t fit the bill, but you’re looking for a different waterfront property more your speed, we would love to help you along the way. From connecting with a lender to signing the closing papers, one of our agents will make your search for the right home as seamless as possible.