Simple Staging Ideas

-De-clutter the kitchen countertops putting unnecessary items away and only leaving out a few things. Make sure the majority of the countertop is visible. Remove magnets and papers hanging on the refrigerator and store them out of sight.

-Go through the bathrooms and remove all unnecessary objects from the counters, showers, toilets, and tubs. Coordinate the towels and shower curtains in one or two colors only.

-Take down or reduce pictures on the walls. Make sure to patch and paint the nail holes and frame scratches if necessary.

-Clean, Clean, Clean. Clean the carpets, the draperies, the furniture, the windows- anything that appears dirty. If it looks dirty to you, imagine how it looks to a buyer!

-“Thin out” closet space. Pack up seasonal clothes and items you don’t need. By doing this, you are making the closet appear larger. Closets that seem over-stuffed may come across as too small to buyers.

-Open the blinds and turn on all lights and lamps throughout the home when there is a showing or an open house. This makes the home appear light and airy.

-Make sure the exterior of the home also gives a good first impression. Get a new doormat if the current one looks old and worn out. Weed the gardens and make sure the plants and lawn are well manicured.

-Add some bright flowers to the entry way and the flowerbeds. It’s amazing what a pop of color can do to curb appeal!

-In general, try to look at your home through a buyer’s eyes. This will help you see what needs to be done and will bring you the return of more money and a quicker sale.