The Housing Market and Your Home

The price your home could sell for is directly related to the surrounding New Braunfels housing market- specifically, the housing market right around your home. Real estate agents set the sales price of a home by comparing what similar New Braunfels real estate has sold for. If a home nearby sells for a large amount of money, you can up the price of your own home. Alternately, the foreclosure down the road will have a negative impact on your potential sales price. Similarly, price is driven by location. For example, a prime New Braunfels waterfront home can be priced much higher than an identical property in a regular neighborhood.

If you are curious about the housing market around you, your REALTOR® is able to generate a list of homes sold in your neighborhood within the past 3-12 months. This will give you a good idea of what the housing market is like in your neighborhood and can give you some insight as to what your home could possibly sell for.