16 Instagrams That Prove Wurstfest is Actually the Best

We recently hit the “only 30 days till Wurstfest” mark (October 2nd), and it seems New Braunfels is already chomping at the bit for the world famous ice-cold-frothy-pretzel-salty-sausage-on-a-stick glory.

Yeah, Wurstfest is not playing around, y’all.

This “10-day salute” to sausage and beer (and all things German culture) is a riotous good time, uniting locals and tourists, young and old, German and Texan (and literally everything else) around the common goal of enjoying as much good company, good beer, and good food as possible.

This year, from November 2nd to the 11th, the crowds will gather in New Braunfels, TX for Wurstfest’s food, music, dancing, carnival rides and games, beer, special events, and “Alpine and Bavarian-style entertainment.”

But don’t take our word for it! Start amping up your Wurstfest hype by seeing what past and present attendees have to say (and show) for themselves on Instagram. 

The Outfits...because what is a German celebration without a few lederhosen? 

The Food & Drink...because, honestly, this is why we’re here. 

The Cups...because who knew one little plastic cup could be so iconic? 

The Vibes...because there’s nothing like the colorful, eye-catching spectacle of Wurstfest.

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