5 New Braunfels Neighborhoods That Should Be on Your Radar

New Braunfels is growing...not only in population, but in the range of people that want to live the river city life! When you are searching for a place to live, you are probably looking for something that you are familiar with and makes you feel comfortable. Here are five neighborhoods in town that might suit what you are looking for.

Hunter: A Place to Build a Community

This suburb, located on the north side of New Braunfels, is ideal for families of any size looking to settle in comfortable homes. Hunter is one of the highest rated family-friendly neighborhoods across the state of Texas. There are great schools located nearby and a very low crime rate that eases many of the residents’ minds. Of the families that live here, many have younger-aged children, making community building in this neighborhood a breeze. What better way to get to know your neighbor than to relax with other adults while the kids play with each other? The houses in this part of town are mostly built within the millennium, which means you can focus more on maintaining the kids instead of maintaining the house (although sometimes the former effects the latter). Starting prices for three bedroom, two bathroom homes in this neighborhood begin at around $110k with an average price of around $224k.

Clear Springs: Simple and Near the Lake

Another top-rated neighborhood in Texas is the southeastern New Braunfels neighborhood of Clear Springs. Located just outside the hustle and bustle of the main part of New Braunfels, this neighborhood is located right next to Lake McQueeney. With easy access to the water, residents can live a little outside of town and escape the crazy river crowds to find solace in the placid natural surroundings. With a relatively new feel, many of the people that live here fall into the upper-middle income range. Starting prices for 3 bedroom/2 bathroom single-family homes are $140k with an average listing price of $193k.

City Center: For Those Looking for Urban Appeal

The City Center is often preferred by the younger crowd who seek the quaint New Braunfels lifestyle. Like many city centers, there are a wide array of restaurants and bars! Residents are minutes away from  McAdoo’s Seafood and  Myron’s, along with Phoenix Saloon and Pour Haus. For those looking to rent in New Braunfels, this is a great place to consider! Buying a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in this neighborhood generally starts at $185k, with 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom houses beginning around $250k. However, many of the homes in this area range from studio apartments to 3bd/2bath that are rented for an average of $1,000/mo.

Landa Park Highlands: Peaceful Suburban Homes

Landa Park Highlands is a classic New Braunfels neighborhood that offers wide streets, well-kept yards and some of the friendliest deer in Texas.  This is a top-tier neighborhood in Texas for those looking for a more relaxed neighborhood.  It is especially popular because of its location near the river and the close proximity to Landa Park. Only a couple minutes from the neighborhood (but not close enough for sound pollution), visitors can enjoy a full day of fun, sliding down massive waterslides and other river-fed attractions. The all-ages fun also means the adults can enjoy a swim-up bar and the lazy river. While most of the homes are older in this area, the newer Oakwood Estates presents new construction homes.  Medium-sized houses generally go for $250k in this neighborhood, with some starting at $189k.

Gruene: A Small Neighborhood with a Texas-Sized Feel

Gruene is a neighborhood most Texas natives have heard of at least once. It is known for the iconic Gruene Hall, where many country music stars got their start. The famous venue holds events almost every night, ranging from open mics to large-scale concerts filled with two-step dancing and plenty of Texas beer. Right next-door is the Gristmill, a riverbank restaurant that enfolds all of the Hill Country culture into its experience (and has a Texas-sized capacity as well). Also on many a retiree’s list of places to live, Gruene is a small town within a town. It is quaint and quiet while also having plenty to do. Small and medium apartments and houses will start at $275k but can sell as high as $400k.